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24404Bug in ^!Copy

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  • Axel Berger
    Apr 12 4:19 PM
      The Acrobat reader locks files it has opened for reading. So when a PDF is
      open in Acrobat and I issue a ^!Move across drives
      ^!MoveFile "E:\Oldname.pdf" "G:\Newname.pdf"
      the file is copied but not deleted. It is moved when I close it first in
      Acrobat. If the move
      is on the same drive and it's open, nothing is done, which is not nice, but
      knowing how moving works, logical. (An error message would be nice and
      appropriate though.)

      BUT copying the open file,
      ^!CopyFile "E:\Oldname.pdf" "G:\Newname.pdf"
      while perfectly possible through Windows, is also not possible, neither
      inside nor between drives, nothing gets done AND THERE IS NO ERROR MESSAGE!

      This (both parts of it) seems a bug to me.

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