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  • nullclip
    Mar 25, 2014
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      I get undesired behavior from the Attr and SortingOrder parameter of the subject clip function.
      • For example, I desire to get files that have only the 'A' attribute set.  However, when I specify the 'A' attribute, I get files with 'A' and any combination of 'R' 'H' and/or 'S' attributes.  I need some means of excluding files with unspecified attributes from the get file function.
      • For example, I desire to sort files by say, size.  However, when I get files with the + parameter set (include subfolders), the files are sorted by size within only their immediate folder; so it seems.  The files are not sorted by size overall.
      While I am ranting, I suggest two other capabilities that I believe would help clippers like me.
      1. Implement a means to easily set a break or pause point in clips to help in the debugging process.
      2. When the code pauses at the specified line, allow the programmer to hover a cursor over any variable, and display a pop-up notification with the variable's current value.
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