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24366RE: [Clip] Keyboard commands

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  • John Shotsky
    Feb 19, 2014
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      The keyboard is this one:


      First, it's lighted, so it's easy to see those seldom used keys when my office is darkened. Second, it syncs to three devices, so I can push one button to switch it from my desktop to my Android phone or tablet. If it's light, the keys don't light up - it senses when the lighted keyboard is needed by ambient light. It also senses when your hand comes near it, and turns the lights on only then, or when a key is pressed (Thanks, cats!)

      I never use numeric keypads, and it has always annoyed me that we all have to endure a numeric keypad on the RIGHT side of the keyboard, where my mouse is supposed to sit. Why should everyone have to have a keypad on the right side, when 99.9% of us never use a numeric keypad? I actually wouldn't mind so much if it was on the left, I just don't want to have to pass over it to get to the mouse and back. So, a keyboard sans numeric keypad is a good solution for me, and a smaller keyboard is easier to deal with in an under-desk keyboard tray.

      Unfortunately, a two-key combination to get to the beginning or end of the line is no easier than using the mouse, so even though this keyboard does have the function/left/right combo, I probably won't use it except in certain instances. But I love the keyboard, and will take it with my tablet when I expect to need to enter a bunch of text.


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      John Shotsky wrote:

      >Thanks, but it needs to be keyboard commands, not clips. I'm just
      >using a keyboard without those keys and want the function. It might
      >take an external key mapper.

      That's actually how I first interpreted it but then I thought what
      the heck would he want other keys when he can just hit the normal ones? ;-)

      I thought I had used small keyboards but obviously not small enough.
      They've all had those keys, even if oddly placed.


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