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24361Re: [Clip] Keyboard commands

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  • loro
    Feb 18, 2014
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      John Shotsky wrote:
      >Are there built in commands that work the same as the Home and End
      >keys? (I did read through the help, but didn't find those.) If not,
      >how do I assign these actions to key combinations? I know I can use
      >the Wordstar mode to get that functionality, but I don't need much,
      >just the home and end key emulation. I use line wrap, and I want
      >the cursor to go to the end of the displayed line, not the end of
      >the paragraph. I did read about shortcuts.dat, but that is menu
      >items, not keyboard items.

      Don't think so. I always do combinations with ^!Select line. For example:

      ^!Select line
      ^!Jump select_start

      ^!Select line
      ^!MoveCursor -1

      The second one is odd. Select line selects the line break. Under
      ^!MoveCursor in Help it says "Note that a line break represents two
      characters". So one would think -2 should be used but but that moves
      the cursor to before the last visible character. Go figure.

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