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2420[Clip] Re: characters

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  • Lotta
    Jan 10, 2000
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      you wrote:
      >I hear you, but which characters do you *not* want to translate for
      >web display

      Well, sometimes it's not necessary to convert all and sometimes you want to
      use others enteties than ISO...

      >Are you confusing
      >1: "Modify-->Characters to HTML-->Extended Characters"
      >2: "Modify-->Characters to HTML-->All special characters"?

      Nope, that one I'm clear about. It's just a fact that when your ido
      comtains a lot of 'corious' carachters it's very handy to be able to turn
      just those on and of. God help people in the east. Have searched for that a
      long time - and now I've got it!

      By the way, snatched your clip and will check it out.
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