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24172Re: [Clip] Help with wizards

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  • Axel Berger
    Nov 16, 2013
      John Shotsky wrote:
      > Do you mean the user would have to choose to either check
      > or not check the boxes before seeing the list?

      Not before seeing the list. In a wizard you can have several fields.
      (Some of mine have so many, that a two coloumn wizard would be really
      helpful. I have the most often changed entries at the top and those,
      where the default nearly always suffices, at the bottom, so mostly after
      just two or three fields I can exit with <Return> but there are rare
      cases when all of them have to be adjusted.)
      In the second field you have all your files, all ticked, as before. On
      top of that, in the first field, the user chooses what the tick means
      and then deletes ticks as needed.

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