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24157Setting up F3 for For Find

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  • Axel Berger
    Nov 11, 2013
      I really, really need a simple clip command or even better a modifier
      for the ^!Find command to set up <F3> = search next with the same
      parameters as just used in the clip.

      Just as one example I have a find clip that searches for different
      things in succession and ends where successful. Another clip makes one
      of a set of changes depending on the content of the line finds itself
      in. It is far, far easier to do more of the same through a successsion
      of <F3><Esc><Return> than one of <Esc><Type letter><Return><Esc><Type
      another letter><Return>.

      For ending a clip with a ^!Find and then continuing through the file
      with <F3> there is a sort of problematic and unreliable solution, but it
      really is a hassle. Things were far better before the recent change of


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