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2406[Clip] Re: characters

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  • Eb Guenther
    Jan 10, 2000
      Hi Lotta,
      your message:
      >... I find it usefull to be able to convert just the language specific
      >ones. Especially to toggle them on and off. It's hard to read a doc where
      >there is lots of enteties.

      I hear you, but which characters do you *not* want to translate for
      web display?

      Are you confusing
      1: "Modify-->Characters to HTML-->Extended Characters"
      2: "Modify-->Characters to HTML-->All special characters"?

      Notice what happens when changing "<©ÅÄ Ö>&":

      1: "<©ÅÄ Ö>&"
      2: "<©ÅÄ Ö>&"

      I use a simple clip to convert to ISO codes, and a more complex
      one to convert back (finding ISO codes, so I don't "strip" html
      tags from the document):

      H="to ISO"
      ^!Keyboard Shift+Ctrl+H

      H="from ISO"
      ;reverts ALL ISO code to the underlying character.
      ^!Find "&[a-zA-Z]*;" TWHRS
      ^!IfError Exit
      ^!Keyboard SHIFT+CTRL+T
      ^!Goto Loop

      o The clip above will FIND "&abc;", but IF that
      is not a legitimate ISO code, it cannot convert
      it, and keeps finding it again: endless loop!
      o The clip WILL convert codes like ">", so if
      there is some embedded html display, it WILL
      get converted, and MESS UP the web page.

      Correcting these bugs would make this clip a _lot_
      more complex.


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