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24052How to find duplicate data on one line of a delimited file?

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  • Don
    Oct 2, 2013
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      Hi All,

      I have a file with multiple lines that look like this in terms of
      formatting (this is all on one line, email will break it):
      9/27/2013 16:28:11 LastName, FirstName email@... Boys
      Waterford Mott Highland-Milford Saline Northville Saginaw Heritage
      Traverse City Central Grand Blanc Pinckney Hartland Port Huron Northern

      I want to find out if there is a duplicate after the word boys ... so if
      Hartland, for example was in there twice, I'd want an alert that I have
      a duplicate.

      The lines are tab delimited.

      So I want ten unique names after the word boys[tab]. I would like to be
      alerted if there are less than ten unique.

      I'm stumped on how to proceed. I don't want the original data format

      They are not terribly big files, maybe 10-20 lines each. It is the
      active document at the moment.

      It would be fine if it just alerts me.