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24050Re: [Clip] Copying files via http using NoteTab

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  • Larry Hamilton
    Sep 23, 2013
      FTP.exe is included in all versions of Windows since Win95, I think.

      I have a NoteTab OTL file that you can download from here: http://www.kairoscomputers.com/notetab/FTP_Notes.php.

      Or you can just review it online.

      Eric has good support for basic FTP in the FTP library that comes with NoteTab. At least I think it is still one of the default libraries.

      FTP is good because it is free and no download of another program.

      Wget and curl are also free and work with NoteTab.

      I used to use ftp.exe at work all the time, until they went to a secure ftp server and the basic ftp.exe does not support sftp. I am not sure about the versions in Win7 and newer. We use FileZilla since it is free. I have not looked into it's command line options for a couple of years, so it may not be any better at what it was back then. It would be nice if it had all the bells and whistles of the M$ ftp.exe for easier scripting.

      ~ Larry

      On Sat, Sep 21, 2013 at 12:51 PM, John Shotsky <jshotsky@...> wrote:

      I host some text files on my web page, and update them regularly. I would like to be able to copy from the web page to the appropriate folder on the user's computer automatically. No user GUI - just a stealthy download. I will take care of backing up the old file, etc. From my reading of the help files, this is not possible using clips, other than implementing some sort of an FTP downloader. These are simply short text files, although there may also be some zip files to download. If this can't be done using clips, how would you go about using NoteTab and maybe some other small program to download a file from a known site?


      One file to be downloaded:





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