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24032Re: [Clip] Notetab Logic Function Clips

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  • Art Kocsis
    Sep 16, 2013
      At 9/16/2013 12:23 PM, you wrote:
      >Nice work on the thinking and math to get these working. I'm impressed with its power and the math involved.
      >Thanks for the reference in the ^$farfunc. :-) Glad it was useful.
      >On 16/09/2013 7:05 AM, Art Kocsis wrote:
      >>Here are some of the promised clips implementing the mentioned logic operations:

      Well, I believe in giving credit when credit is due and in acknowledging posts that are useful. I try to always annotate my code with the sources that I use to help me remember. I spend far more time answering a posted question than in posting a question itself. I suspect that is true for most others posting answers and needs to be appreciated. Too often help is solicited and answers posted with nary a word of feedback or thanks. That is not a motivator for continuing to offer help.


      BTW, did you notice the table retained its formatting? Finally!
      My email client (Eudora), defaults to Courier New which is a fixed
      pitch typeface but Yahoo treats as proportional. I used the Consolas
      typeface for the table and it got by the Yahoo "improvement".
      Now to remember that.
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