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24010Re: [Clip] How to fix non-Ascii characters using NoteTab

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  • Axel Berger
    Sep 1, 2013
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      John Shotsky wrote:
      > a right smart quote is three hex characters, which you
      > can't copy/paste into a replace. But, this works:

      > ^!Replace "\xE2\x80\x9d" >> """ ARSW
      > ^!IfError Next Else Skip_-1

      Why not? It works for me like this

      ^!Replace "¡Ý" >> "$\ge$" WASTI

      (not UTF but something encountered when copying from some PDFs).

      N.B: With ver yfew exceptions, of which this is not one, the "W" makes
      the looping with IfError superfluous.

      > EditPad Pro is great for showing the hex.

      NT would too, but for some reason it doesn't in UTF raw mode. This clip

      Hex: Show Value
      ^!Set %varchar%=^$GetChar$
      ^!If ^$GetSelSize$ < 1 SKIP
      ^!Set %varchar%=^$StrCopyLeft("^$GetSelection$";1)$
      ^!Set %varchar%=^$CharToDec(^%varchar%)$
      ^!Info Hex: ^$IntToHex(^%varchar%)$ Dec: ^%varchar%

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