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23997Re: [Clip] How to fix non-Ascii characters using NoteTab

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  • Axel Berger
    Aug 31, 2013
      John Shotsky wrote:
      > I use EditPad Pro on an expired trial for working with Unicode files.
      > When I open the html file with EditPad I can see these characters
      > just fine.

      That may well be the problem. That and some shenanigans Windows itself
      engages in with copying and pasting.

      > I have taken the liberty of cc'ing your personal email address,
      > and have attached the html.

      I have opened the html in firefox and a UTF UNaware simple editor. In
      the first I see all characters and copying and pasting translates them
      from UTF to ANSI or an ASCII equivalent thus:

      ¼ cup flour
      ¾ cup milk
      1/3 cup flour

      The editors shows me the individual bytes the characters are made of and
      I can copy them to NT unchanged:

      >¾</strong> cup milk</div>
      >¼ cup flour</strong></div>
      >⅓ cup flour</strong></div>

      Running my own UTF script over them yields:

      >¾</strong> cup milk</div>
      >¼ cup flour</strong></div>
      >⅓ cup flour</strong></div>

      (Converting everything possible to cp-1252 = ANSI is on purpose.
      Omitting those parts it would be even easier to make everything an

      There may be OS issues here too. Parts of eXPerimental are UTF-aware and
      might interfere. I'm using Win98SE, but I doubt that's the difference.
      (To try I'd need to install stuff first.)

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