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23958Re: [Clip] Second window - diff, scroll?

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  • Art Kocsis
    Aug 26 3:35 PM
      At 8/25/2013 09:32 AM, Robert wrote:
      >NTP can display two documents side by side by loading two documents in
      >separate tabs, then (Documents menu, Second Window, or Shift+Ctrl+W.
      >Please, is it possible to lock them together so you can scroll them
      >together, and/or show the differences between them? I.e., a simple
      >built-in "diff" utility?

      To answer your question - No, it is not possible to lock the windows
      and , No there is no builtin compare engine in NTB. It IS something we have asked for multiple times but to no avail.

      The best app, bar none, to compare two files is Beyond Compare by Scooter software. It is smart, feature laden and its UI is so intuitive that one never needs a manual. It has modes for comparing text, images, binary, music, registry, html, et al - much more than just text. I've even seen it paraphrase html code and mark the difference as unimportant! Every time I think of something I think that it would be nice to have I find it is already there. It has a builtin text editor - no where near as extensive as NTB but adequate. Unfortunately, it is not freeware but worth it if you compare files frequently.

      For strictly comparing text, you could try the freeware app Win Merge.

      It would be fairly trivial to write a clip to invoke either one of these apps with your two open docs.

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