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23951Re: [Clip] Re: [NTB] Generate Random Alphanumeric Codes

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  • Adrian Worsfold
    Aug 21, 2013
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      Based on contributions I've therefore added in flexibility to length, number and presentation:

      ^!Set %chars%=^?{Character length=001}
      ^!Set %counter%=^?{How many=10}
      ^!Set %layout%=^?{(T=L;H=2)Presentation:=New line^=^%NL%|Space^= }
      ^!SetHintInfo Working...
      ^!Set %Str%=^$StrRandom(^%chars%;A..F0..9)$
      ^!Append %List%=^%Str%^%layout%
      ^!Dec %Counter%
      ^!If ^%Counter% > 0 Loop

      Adrian Worsfold

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