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23938Re: [Clip] Text Color in NTP v7?

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  • Ray Shapp
    Aug 7, 2013
      Hi Axel and John,

      Thanks for your replies.

      <<Sounds like you could use Excel >>

      Excel is a big hammer for such a small tack.

      <<Configurable syntax highlighting isn't limited to syntax in the strict
      > sense.>>

      There's nothing to configure - just a log file with details of one event
      per line. The form and content of the lines can vary in a very large number
      of ways. Each log has about 200 - 300 lines.

      WordPad will suit me until I evaluate Crimson Editor or NotepadPlusPlus as
      suggested earlier. My original question was about a possible color text
      feature in NotePro version 7. I'll be upgrading to version 7 soon.

      Thank you for your suggestions. This thread isn't about clips, therefore,
      if you want to continue, it would be better to do so by replying to my
      original message on the ntb-Basic group.


      Ray Shapp

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