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23904RE: [NRN] Re: Feature Request - Highlight follows cursor

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  • Art Kocsis
    Jul 9, 2013
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      At 7/9/2013 09:12 AM, John wrote:
      >So, highlight a line.
      >Press the down arrow.
      >The line that WAS highlighted no longer is highlighted, and the line the cursor is now on is also not highlighted.
      >My request was that when the highlight turns off on the current line, it turn on for the new line. The keyboard shortcut for this
      >action is, uh, up arrow or down arrow.
      >Go into any email program and highlight a message. Use the down arrow. The highlight follows the up/down arrow. Try it in a
      >spreadsheet. Almost any other tool consisting of rows of data. Database managers. Even other text editors, like EditPad Pro do that.
      >It is MUCH easier to keep track of where the focus is when the line is highlighted, at least if you use the standard edit cursor.
      >Maybe if I changed it to a blinking block, like the early years, it would be more noticeable.

      I hear you and, yes, sometimes it would be nice to better see which line the cursor is on. However, unlike mail programs, the highlight in Notetab has special meaning and power - it is a selection tool not just a highlight tool. And selected text in Notetab is a target for replacement. That could be dangerous as an inadvertent slip on the keyboard would wipe out your line.

      As I use the deselection function of the arrow keys often to deselect text I would certainly not want that change permanently. Nothing against an option but I still think it would be dangerous.

      However, one easy way to get what you want is to just enter the string


      in the find box and use the F3 key instead of the arrow key. You could even go further and make a clip with a toolbar icon and use your mouse. And if you make a clip, center the find in the middle of the page to see the context of the line.

      Namaste', Art
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