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23889Re: alphanumeric character transcoding, by ones and pairs

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  • rickah
    Jun 19, 2013
      Vielen Danke, Flo. Most excellent.

      I had to update to NTB v7 (for the %RepWith%), and I had trouble with this one line relating to the list.txt, for obvious reasons:

      ^!SetListDelimiter ยป

      instead of:

      ^!SetListDelimiter >>

      And a gold star for catching the "... n >> E, > U >> K" ...

      This will help tremendously since there are more than those two font
      variations to work with. Only recently does that language have a Unicode font with a standard keyboard layout. Working toward gradually changing the various older texts into the new font set will be so much easier now.

      Thanks again, Flo and Ian,


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