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23877alphanumeric character transcoding, by ones and pairs

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  • rickah
    Jun 13, 2013
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      I need to replace characters and character pairs in whole documents. This relates to an Asian language that does not have a standardized keyboard, so any two fonts might use completely different keyboard layouts rendering them incompatible for 'computerizing'.

      An example is, I want create a clip that would re-write the characters in this first string to exactly match the characters in the second string.

      1: lABTAkvFHWkolaKELdAFqalanWElacO:laKv:sE:muIsE:sFlanOlapLUB
      2: vhRxhul.oGhuDvgcHs'h.ngvgEGHvgCd;vgcl;qH;rk>qH;q.vgeDvgysKR

      What look like punctuation marks in these strings are actually letters, not word breaks. This language does not traditionally use spaces nor punctuation.

      Making the following list is as far as I got. Note that "bJ" (bS) is one letter, while b, B, j or J in another combination would be four separate letters. That makes it somewhat persnickety.

      Thank you very much for getting me started in the right direction.

      ^!Replace "bJ" >> "bS"
      ^!Replace "dD" >> "'f"
      ^!Replace "kY" >> "uF"
      ^!Replace "KY" >> "cF"
      ^!Replace "mD" >> "rf"
      ^!Replace "mJ" >> "rS"
      ^!Replace "pJ" >> "yS"
      ^!Replace "PJ" >> "zS"
      ^!Replace "SJ" >> "pS"
      ^!Replace "sJ" >> "qS"
      ^!Replace "a" >> "g"
      ^!Replace "A" >> "H"
      ^!Replace "b" >> "b"
      ^!Replace "B" >> "R"
      ^!Replace "c" >> "C"
      ^!Replace "d" >> "'"
      ^!Replace "E" >> "h"
      ^!Replace "e" >> "J"
      ^!Replace "F" >> "."
      ^!Replace "f" >> "m"
      ^!Replace "g" >> "i"
      ^!Replace "h" >> "["
      ^!Replace "H" >> "o"
      ^!Replace "I" >> ">"
      ^!Replace "i" >> "X"
      ^!Replace "j" >> "*"
      ^!Replace "J" >> "S"
      ^!Replace "K" >> "c"
      ^!Replace "k" >> "u"
      ^!Replace "L" >> "s"
      ^!Replace "l" >> "v"
      ^!Replace "m" >> "r"
      ^!Replace "n" >> "e"
      ^!Replace "o" >> "D"
      ^!Replace "O" >> "d"
      ^!Replace "p" >> "y"
      ^!Replace "P" >> "z"
      ^!Replace "q" >> "n"
      ^!Replace "r" >> "&"
      ^!Replace "S" >> "p"
      ^!Replace "s" >> "q"
      ^!Replace "t" >> "w"
      ^!Replace "T" >> "x"
      ^!Replace "u" >> "k"
      ^!Replace "v" >> "l"
      ^!Replace "w" >> "0"
      ^!Replace "W" >> "G"
      ^!Replace "X" >> "{"
      ^!Replace "x" >> "t"
      ^!Replace "y" >> ","
      ^!Replace "Y" >> "F"
      ^!Replace "z" >> "±S"
      ^!Replace ":" >> ";"
      ^!Replace "\" >> "-"
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