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23872[Clip] Re: Convert strong with first and last name into two strings

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  • Eb
    Jun 10, 2013

      Did you mean, that you are copying and pasting text manually?

      Anyway, variables concatenate easily in noteTab:

      ^!Set %x%=^%y% ^%z%
      ^!Set %x%=^%y%^%z%

      By the way, not pertaining to your problem, but generally very useful - the way NT parses lines makes it easy to swap array elements:

      ^!SetArray %x%=One;Two;Three
      ;SWAP elements:
      ^!SetArray %x%=^%x2%;^%x1%
      ^!Info ^%x%

      Revisiting suggestion 1:

      ^!Set %first%=^?{Enter first name}; %last%=^?{enter last name}
      ^!Set %fullname%=^%first% ^%last%

      Revisit 2nd sugg:

      ^!SetListDelimiter ^%space%
      ^!SetArray %nameparts%=^?{Enter name}
      ^!Set %first%=^%nameparts1%
      ^!Set %last%=^%nameparts^%nameparts0%%
      ^!If ^%nameparts0%<>3 SKIP_2
      ^!Set %mi%=^%nameparts2%
      ;added line, concat first and mi:
      ^!Set %first%=^%first% ^%mi%
      ;a side effect (benefit) of space-delimited arrays:
      ^!Info [L]Full name:^%tab%^%nameparts%
      ^!SetListDelimiter ;



      --- In ntb-clips@yahoogroups.com, Phil <freetochoose@...> wrote:
      > ... I was getting tired of copying the first name,
      > then pasting and copying the last name, then pasting.
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