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23857Re: Re: [Clip] Replacing All Words at Once

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  • Adrian Worsfold
    Jun 4, 2013
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      Hello Roopakshi Pathania

      I think the warning about variation from OCR scanned scripts is correct because each time you are going to have to add to the list of replacements. And what if modem is modem and not modern?

      The similar list of replacements I have and added to is because the text I deal with is regular. I'm sure others can see this clip as cumbersome, and I don't do regex with its greater flexibility (unless offered and explained).

      H="Jobcentre excess remove"
      ^!Jump Doc_Start
      ^!Replace "=3&setype=2&pg=4&AVSDM=" >> "" WAS
      ^!Replace "&pp=25&" >> "" WAS
      ^!Replace "pg=1" >> "" WAS
      ^!Replace "pg=2" >> "" WAS
      ^!Replace "pg=3" >> "" WAS
      ^!Replace "pg=4" >> "" WAS
      ^!Replace "pg=5" >> "" WAS
      ^!Replace "pg=6" >> "" WAS
      ^!Replace "pg=7" >> "" WAS
      ^!Replace "&where=HU7+4UD&sort=rv.dt.di&rad=20&rad_units=miles" >> "" WAS
      ^!Replace "&re=134" >> "" WAS
      ^!Replace "&re=3" >> "" WAS
      ^!Replace "&AVSDM=" >> "" WAS
      ^!IfError END
      ^!GoTo LOOP
      ^!Jump Doc_End

      (The Loop is probably unnecessary, and the Pg= could be looped with a counter, and looks like some repetition, but additions into the clip respond to what has been left over in later searched pages.)

      The result is a page URL is reduced to its essential (by which it can still be found again).

      Adrian Worsfold

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