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23854Re: [Clip] Replacing All Words at Once

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  • Roopakshi Pathania
    Jun 4, 2013
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      Hi Adrian and others:
      I went through the clip writing documentation. The below script works for me. Adrian, I hope this is what you meant. The idea is to execute the script whenever I open a new scanned document.
      Please suggest any improvements that can be made. Also while using "I", just as in the usual Replace dialog boxes, I cannot seem to get a lowercase entry to replace both lowercase and uppercase entries without changes to uppercase words. Is there a way to do this except for entering both uppercase and lowercase words separately?
      ^!Replace "eaming" >> "earning" [TIWAS]
      ^!Replace "modem" >> "modern" [TIWAS]
      ^!Replace "tra- ditional" >> "traditional" [TIWAS]
      ^!Replace "cor- porate" >> "corporate" [TIWAS]

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      Hello Roopakshi Pathania

      All I'd do is build up lots of WAS condition finds and replaces as the scanning errors repeat themselves. It is a clip that grows as you find more repeatable errors.

      Adrian Worsfold

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