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23832Re: [Clip] Re: Twos and Threes

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  • Adrian Worsfold
    May 26, 2013
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      Hello Flo

      This is incredible: indeed yes it is what is wanted.

      ^!Replace "^.*\b(HL|SF|LS|CC|HW|HF|NB)\b.*$" >> "\r\n$0\r\n" WARS
      ^!Replace "\R{3}" >> "\r\n" WARS
      ^!Replace "^\A\R|\R{1,}\Z" >> "" WARS

      How do you actually explain such lines? The point about code with loops and all that is you go down the list and follow the logic, once you've pulled hair out via the Help pages ( "Grr, give an example of how you write it!" is what I say there) or seen how other clips do it and got the code lines to work. Often the practical way is clips that follow menus and those keyboard macros that are somewhat sluggish and unreliable.

      I've looked at the regex pages and notions such as "greedy" mean nothing to me.

      Once again many thanks are due.

      Adrian Worsfold

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