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  • Lotta
    Jan 9, 2000
      Hi Kay and Eb,

      Kay wrote:
      >The whole point of the list is for people to ask questions & get
      >help. We all started where you are but those who were here earlier
      >got to learn in stages as the clip language expanded based on user
      >requests :)

      That's comforting.

      > feel free to ask away!

      OK, I will. I find this clip programming so fun and exciting I probably
      couldn't restrict myself anyway...

      Eb wrote:
      "Modify-->Characters to HTML-->Extended Characters"
      I use that one too. But I find it usefull to be able to convert just the
      language specific ones. Especially to toggle them on and off. It's hard to
      read a doc where there is lots of enteties. Swedish has three extra vocals,
      all enteties of cource.

      Just want to say that next to NTP itself I find this list the most usefull
      thing yet. And it's a nice and friendly place to be, too.
      The problem with help files, I think, is that you have to know a little to
      be able to understand them. In this case, if you don't know what a
      command, event or loop is you are stuck. And in most cases there is no one
      to ask...This is probably the main reason
      people use only a fragment of the capacity of their programmes.

      Here's to you all!

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