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23753Re: [Clip] Dot matches newline ON or OFF (was Re: Non printing characters.)

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  • Axel Berger
    Apr 20, 2013
      hitch@... wrote:
      > I did not realize that what I'd pasted would be unclear to anyone
      > here. To be clear, in the "search for" field, I used:

      That's what I assumed. Please accept that using the dialogue is NOT a

      > When I say that this is a 'clip,' I keep it stored in my clips

      That one I don't quite get. You use the clipbook to store stuff which
      you then copy and paste into a dialogue? If you were to write

      ^!Replace "<span[^>]*>(.*?)</span>" >> "<i>$1</i>" R

      You could just click on that and be done.

      > Now, I know that I've got "regex" selected, because it's finding
      > the FIND. If regex were not selected, it would not be.

      Yes, agree.

      > Does anyone have any thoughts? Thank you.

      I have to think about that one.

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