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23751RE: [Clip] Dot matches newline ON or OFF (was Re: Non printing characters.)

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  • John Shotsky
    Apr 19, 2013
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      The first thought is to post the text you are working with, as previously mentioned. We aren't going to build your test case FOR
      YOU. If you want help, be SPECIFIC.

      Your 'example' shows a number of characters that can't be used in regex without escaping them, and as they are, and that would NEVER
      have worked. Specifically, if you have double quotes in the find, you have to escape them. Still, you have not made it clear what
      you are doing, since there is no block of your target text and no clear example of your find/replace text. Almost ALL of us can make
      it work, but you are trying to make us guess what your text looks like.

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      Subject: [Clip] Dot matches newline ON or OFF (was Re: Non printing characters.)


      I posted the description, so you'd know what I did as it was being entered. I did not realize that what I'd pasted would be unclear
      to anyone here. To be clear, in the "search for" field, I used:

      <italic span>(.*?)</span>

      With the named span inserted where the "italic span" text is now. When I say that this is a 'clip,' I keep it stored in my clips,
      but as it's never the same (the name and other material for the span can be ANYTHING that somebody in their brain thought up, any
      name for the span, any font, etc.), it's not viable as a regular "clip." I mean, I could automate it, to the pasting, but...why?

      So, I copy-and-paste the name of the span, e.g.:

      <span style='font-family:"Times New Roman Italic","serif"'>(.*?)</span>

      then select regex, and then, in the replace box, I've simply always put:


      ...which has, to date, *always* worked. Now, I know that I've got "regex" selected, because it's finding the FIND. If regex were not
      selected, it would not be. After a post here, I added


      to the front of the search, as I was suddenly encountering issues with the search not working due to non-printing chars. (This has
      always worked, non-printing chars or not, before, BTW, without the (?s), FWIW).

      And NOW, the replace is replacing what *should* be something like

      <i>and they lived happily ever after</i>

      post-regex, to:


      literally. As if it's a regular s&r, not regex. Yes, I tried putting parentheticals around the $1, but that did not change the

      Does anyone have any thoughts? Thank you.


      --- In ntb-clips@yahoogroups.com <mailto:ntb-clips%40yahoogroups.com> , Axel Berger <Axel-Berger@...> wrote:
      > hitch@... wrote:
      > > Search: <italic span>(.*?)</span> Replace: <i>$1</i>
      > > this clip has been stored in my library for ~2 years now
      > As above it's no clip. When using those two terms in the dialogue you
      > need to select regular expressions. There was a recent change there,
      > regex used to be a checkbox and is now part of a dropdown.
      > If it is a clip please post that as-is and completely and not some
      > decription of it.
      > Axel

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