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23746RE: [Clip] Dot matches newline ON or OFF (was Re: Non printing characters.)

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  • John Shotsky
    Apr 19, 2013
      It is also helpful to provide an actual section of sample text that you are working with. Sometimes, the regex doesn't work because
      the text isn't exactly as described. A description of text isn't very useful if you want help, because anyone that wants to help
      must create that text for themselves using your description, which may NOT be what is being worked with. Your search term as written
      needs to escape the slash in /span, for one problem.

      If it was a working clip, nothing should have changed its operation in version 7.x.

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      hitch@... <mailto:hitch%40booknook.biz> wrote:
      > Search: <italic span>(.*?)</span> Replace: <i>$1</i>

      > this clip has been stored in my library for ~2 years now

      As above it's no clip. When using those two terms in the dialogue you
      need to select regular expressions. There was a recent change there,
      regex used to be a checkbox and is now part of a dropdown.

      If it is a clip please post that as-is and completely and not some
      decription of it.


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