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23744[Clip] Dot matches newline ON or OFF (was Re: Non printing characters.)

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  • kahitch
    Apr 19, 2013

      Once upon a time, this clip, modified as needed inside the opening search spans with the named whatevers:

      Search: <italic span>(.*?)</span> Replace: <i>$1</i>

      Worked *perfectly* to replace named spans intended to create italics, in an HTML file, with the regular html i tags. I posted here some days ago because abruptly (and this clip has been stored in my library for ~2 years now), it stopped working whenever it encountered line wrapping within the (.*?) content. Another poster kindly gave me a leg up by giving me a reminder to use (?s), before the search, and that solved the wrapping issue, but then, all of a sudden, the replace was actually putting <i>$1</i> in, not <i>stored content</i>. In other words, it was replacing the original content with $1 itself. Yes, I have regex checked; yes, I tried putting parens around the $1 (always my first go-to--try parentheses). ;-)

      Now...usually, when my regex is wonky, I assume it's me, because, to borrow from the idiot Ricin guy, I ain't no "Mensa Expert" about Regex. I even have Regex Buddy (with which I struggle), mostly due to the UI, more than the logic. But this clip has worked for years, sans any alteration. I just...I just don't get why suddenly, it's stopped working, first on one front, now on the other. I'm...boggled.

      I haven't used Regex extensively since installing 7.01. Did I miss something along the way? Some change that would account for this?


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