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23742Dot matches newline ON or OFF (was Re: Non printing characters.)

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  • kahitch
    Apr 18, 2013
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      You guys are going to think I'm utterly daft. I swear, this clip has been working just *fine* for years. Now...now, it's replacing the regexed content WITH this, exactly: <i>$1</i> Not the saved content; the bloody $1 itself. I've tried parentheses, of course; I feel like I've dropped into some alternate reality.

      Did 7.01 change something, and I missed it? I don't regex as much as I used to, because I run the company and I'm mostly doing admin. But no kidding, I've used that regex without a hitch (no pun) for ages. The line wrapping help helped (TY!), but now...the replace has gone wonk.

      If there's something I need to read, that will tell me why my clip has gone bananas, can someone point me at it? Did I somehow screw up a setting? Any ideas? Thank you.


      --- In ntb-clips@yahoogroups.com, hitch@... wrote:
      > Thanks--for everything. The inadvertent email, etc.
      > What's bugging me is: I've used the originally stated clip for ...2-3 years. There's no WAY that every time I used it, the content contained between the spans didn't have non-printing chars. No WAY. So...does anyone have any ideas as to why it would have worked fine for the last few years--just as shown--and now not work due to the np chars? That's what's getting me nuts...
      > Thanks for the regex, too. I really hardly ever pull out RB, as (I hate to admit this), it mostly confuses me. I find the interface difficult. I usually bang around in NTPro until I figure something out, mostly because I'm dense that way. ;-) I'll give yours a go and see how it rolls--Txs again. (Leaving the quoted bits for anyone else who comes along...)
      > Hitch
      > Who is NOT emailing this to anyone directly, TYSM.
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