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23741Gathering Files help

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  • John Shotsky
    Apr 18, 2013
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      Using NoteTab commands, I want to be able to copy all of the html (and jpg) files from a given folder and all of its subfolders, and
      place them into a working folder. Upon issuing the command, the working folder will be the active folder. The user will browse to
      the top level folder in which all of the html files exist. I have written the code for this part.

      So, given:
      Working folder
      Source folder

      I need:
      The commands needed to parse the source folder and its subfolders, and copy all html/jpg files to the working folder. Not worried
      about duplicate file names, as they will probably be the same file from different folders anyway, such as index.html, which will
      eventually be tossed away anyway.

      I tried figuring this out from the help system, but didn't find anything that seemed to apply.


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