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23726Re: [Clip] Juggling the date

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  • Adrian Worsfold
    Mar 25, 2013
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      Hello all

      So what did I do with this assistance?

      It's all about looking for jobs using the new British Government website, https://jobsearch.direct.gov.uk/register.aspx, where the Paste Board and then bunching together the information for each viewed vacancy causes a list of date, job title and area, the URL of details and why it cannot be applied for if not. I use this a lot, to bunch together details.

      ^!Replace "^p^p" >> "^p" [HAS]
      ^!Keyboard CTRL+J

      So it produces a list...

      First clip of recent assistance sets applications for jobs in date order and below any that begin 'FULL APPLICATION' if such was made because a y is after all but z words!

      ^!If ^$GetSelSize$ > 3 SKIP
      ^!Select ALL
      ^!Replace "\b(\d{2})/(\d{2})/(\d{4})\b" >> "y:$3 m:$2 d:$1" HRASTI
      ^!Menu Modify/Lines/Sort/Ascending
      ^!Clip "Asterisks remove 3 all"
      ^!Jump DOC_START

      The second clip restores the old dates once it is all sorted. I prefer to have two clips to see what is going on.

      ^!If ^$GetSelSize$ > 3 SKIP
      ^!Select ALL
      ^!Replace "y:\b(\d{4}) m:(\d{2}) d:(\d{2})\b" >> "$3/$2/$1" HRASTI
      ^!Jump DOC_START

      Incidentally the ^!Clip "Asterisks remove 3 all" goes to this:

      ^!Replace "***" >> "" [WAS]
      ^!IfError END
      ^!GoTo LOOP
      ^!Clip "Tabs remove"
      ^!Clip "Paras regularise"
      ^!Keyboard CTRL+END

      Thus removing Paste Board dividers set at ***

      and the ^!Clip "Paras regularise" is as below to force even paragraphs.

      ^!SetScreenUpdate Off

      ^!Replace "^P " >> "^P" WAS
      ^!IfError Next else Skip_-2

      ^!Replace " ^P" >> "^P" WAS
      ^!IfError Next else Skip_-2

      ^!Replace " " >> " " WAS
      ^!IfError Next else Skip_-2

      ^!Replace "^P" >> "^P^P" WAS

      ^!Replace "^P^P^P" >> "^P^P" WAS
      ^!IfError Next else Skip_-2

      ^!SetScreenUpdate On

      Adrian Worsfold

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