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  • Kay Roath
    Jan 9, 2000
      01/08/2000 6:05 PM Lotta wrote
      > Please, tell me if I'm asking to many questions here!

      Hi Lotta -
      The whole point of the list is for people to ask questions & get
      help. We all started where you are but those who were here earlier
      got to learn in stages as the clip language expanded based on user
      requests :)

      You'll find the list is very 'gentle' with lots of people willing
      to help. It's never been one of those lists where people answer
      new users with stuff like 'read the documentation', although we
      might direct you to certain areas of the Help file to avoid having
      to retype stuff that's there :) There's so much, it's hard to find
      just what you need when you need it. Everyone on the list understands
      that so feel free to ask away!

      --- Grandma Kay ---
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