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23714Re: [Clip] Bookmark getting lost

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  • loro
    Mar 19, 2013
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      Flo write:
      >Is this a known bookmark issue (NTP only)?
      >Take a list like...
      >Now tests the following clip against that list:
      >^!Jump Doc_Start
      >^!SetBookmark 1
      >^!Replace "^PAnthony" >> "" AS
      >The clip will jump to line #1, enter a bookmark, and delete line #4 and #5.
      >Though line #1 isn't affected by '^!Replace' (note the '^P' token in
      >the search string) the bookmark in line #1 gets lost. Why this?
      >Somehow this seems to be connected with the 'A' option in the
      >replacement. Without 'A', only line #4 will be deleted, and the
      >bookmark in line #1 will be still there.
      >You can reproduce that issue also with 'Search | Replace' and a
      >manually set bookmark.

      Strange. It doesn't need to be the same word as you want to replace
      either. All bookmarks disappear. I don't know if it's known, but I've
      never heard of it and it has probably been around forever. 4.91 is the same.

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