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23712Re: [Clip] Redefining shortcuts

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  • Axel Berger
    Mar 18, 2013
      Dave wrote:
      > maybe I miss understand

      Yes, unfortunately you do. Clips require the mouse or several keystrokes
      (esc plus selection plus return) and what I am looking for is a keyboard
      shortcut. I can't even just disable the <Ctrl><Down> shortcut (or at
      least don't know how). When stepping through a paragraph while
      proofreading using <Ctrl><Right> and <Left>, it is very disconcerting to
      jump right out of it when hitting <Down> without releasing <Ctrl>.

      Even better would be the function from my wish list, the one implemented
      in my other good editor, Tempus. <Ctrl><Down> scrolls the text one line
      in the window, leaving the cursor where it is, i.e. moving it one down
      relative to the text. Ideal for going through stuff.

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