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23672Aw: RE: [Clip] Trivial clip

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  • bruce.somers
    Feb 23, 2013
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      OK -clear enough.

      Thanks again, John.



      It was written as a clip that you can use whenever you want. If you want to use the dialog, you would place
      in the find dialog and
      in the replace dialog.
      Make sure the dropdown is set for regular expressions, then 'Replace All'.


      I seem to have misunderstood.

      I assumed that the command ^!Replace "^(.+)\K$" >> "$1\x20$1" ARSW was to be pasted into the 'Reg Expr'-field of the 'Find and Replace' dialog box. But that leads to the nessage

      '^!Replace "^(.+)\K$" >> "$1\x20$1" ARSW' not found between current position and end of document.

      I must be way off base.


      On 19/02/2013 7:55 AM, John Shotsky wrote:
      > The following should do what you request:
      > ^!Replace "^(.+)\K$" >> "\x20$1" ARSW

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