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  • Lotta
    Jan 8, 2000
      At 06:30 2000-01-09 , you wrote:
      >Hi Lotta,
      > > I sort of gathered that finally. Made the same clip with the
      > > Clip Assistant and that one works fine.
      Meaning I did a clip using the Clip Assistent (Specific Commands/Replace)
      and that one looked identical to the one I had written with my own little
      fingers. No quotes, no ">>" , just spaces. But the Assistants worked, mine
      did not.

      But I think I have got it now. Just want to check.
      Use either ">>" or "tab" to separate parameters. Just hitting the space bar
      will not do the trick. Right?
      Like this

      Did this and it seems to work (all characters to be replaced are actually

      ^!Replace å å ATW
      ^!Replace Å Å ATW
      ^!Replace ä ä ATW
      ^!Replace Ä Ä ATW
      ^!Replace ö ö ATW
      ^!Replace Ö Ö ATW

      happy parent of first little "program"
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