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23639New bug in version 7.1?

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  • Axel Berger
    Jan 31, 2013
      As my clips are work in progress it can always be somehting I did, but
      the core of the following has been successfully in use for a long time.

      Part of an outer calling clip reads:

      ^!Save AS "^$ChangeFileExt("^%varPDF%";"htm")$"
      ^!Dos char t2w ^**
      ^!Menu Edit/Reload
      ^!FarClip "myHTML:TeX in HTML"
      ^!Continue vor Zeichencodierung
      ^!MENU Modify/Characters to HTML/Extended Characters
      ^!Continue nach Zeichencodierung

      I just found, that my umlauts are no longer converted. This is new. The
      two ^!Continue up there were added to isolate the problem. The far clip
      called above ends with:

      ^!Jump TEXT_START
      ^!Find "(?s)HREF="(http.+?)"(.*?)>" RS1
      ^!IfError Weiter
      ^!InsertSelect ^$StrReplace(" ";"~";"^$GetSelection$";FALSE;FALSE)$
      ^!InsertSelect ^$FileToUrl("^$GetSelection$")$
      ^!InsertText ^$StrReplace("%25(?=\d{2})";"%";"^$GetSelection$";RA)$
      ^!Goto Loop

      The last label is its last line, i.e. its end. After a failed ^!Find,
      the exit condition, I expect nothing to be selected but something is:
      The last URL that had been worked on. This seems utterly wrong and I'm
      pretty sure it's new; this part has been working fine for a long time.
      There is an easy workararound, just add one more
      ^!Jump TEXT_START
      but I still see it as a bug.