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23638Re: [Clip] Re: Irregular NoteTab behavior on Win7 x64

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  • Axel Berger
    Jan 30, 2013
      Piotr wrote:
      > The clip is running too fast and, speaking figuratively,
      > falls over its own legs.

      If so, Eric is still having trouble adjusting to Win7. In the higher
      version Win98, that I use, NT is very good about sequences like

      ^!Dos char w2t ^**
      ^!Menu Edit/Reload

      and does the required waiting on its own. This is all the more
      remarkable of NT as DOS itself does not do the waiting in batches and I
      have to cater for write cacheing with generously distributed "delay 1"
      Where I do need lots of delay is in the workaround for the broken <F3>
      "find again", i.e.

      ^!SaveValue FindDialog:SearchList_1=^%Pattern%
      ^!Menu Search/Find
      ^!Delay 8
      ^!Keyboard #^%Pattern%#

      I have looped through long lists of ^$GetFileFirst()$ ^$GetFileNext$
      without any delay anywhere, so it must be a Windows issue.
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