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23578Re: [Clip] Set image path

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  • loro
    Dec 30, 2012
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      Axel wrote:
      >When writing longer documents I keep images in a folder "Bild" at a
      >known position relative to the path of the document. For selecting an
      >image I have to get to that folder EVERY TIME.
      >I've tried this:
      >^!Set %vFIL%=^$GetDocName$
      >^!ChDir ^$GetPath(^%vFIL%)$Bild\
      >^!Set %vIMG%=^?{(T=O;F="Image Files|*.pdf;*.png;*.jpg;*.jpeg")Image
      >(The first two lines are the most basic example of a more complicated
      >way to find the correct path in all cases.)
      >Doesn't work, the selector still opens in the path of the currently
      >edited text, not the one where the images are.

      I'm not sure when and how ^!ChDir works, but I don't think this is
      the right time to use it. You don't need it anyway. You can put the
      desired path directly in the wizard.

      ^!Set %path%=^$GetPath(^$GetDocName$)$Bild\
      ^!Set %vIMG%=^?{(T=O;F="Image Files|*.pdf;*.png;*.jpg;*.jpeg")Image

      Also, you had a semicolon that shouldn't be there at the end of the
      ^!Set %vIMG% line.

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