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23577Set image path

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  • Axel Berger
    Dec 30, 2012
      When writing longer documents I keep images in a folder "Bild" at a
      known position relative to the path of the document. For selecting an
      image I have to get to that folder EVERY TIME.

      I've tried this:

      ^!Set %vFIL%=^$GetDocName$
      ^!ChDir ^$GetPath(^%vFIL%)$Bild\
      ^!Set %vIMG%=^?{(T=O;F="Image Files|*.pdf;*.png;*.jpg;*.jpeg")Image

      (The first two lines are the most basic example of a more complicated
      way to find the correct path in all cases.)

      Doesn't work, the selector still opens in the path of the currently
      edited text, not the one where the images are.

      Any hints?

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