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23564HTML-CSS help needed

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  • Peter
    Dec 27, 2012
      I've installed HTML-CSS and it tells me one clip is to create an HTML standard page.

      However, when I click on it, NoteTab produces an old version and I can't seen how to edit the template so that it produces what I need.

      Despite creating a supposedly correct HTML5 page, the library has no clips for html5 tags such as section, article, header, hgroup, footer, cite or datetime,let alone canvas etc. And the basic text does not include code that makes sure the tags you need are displayed as blocks.

      Has anyone updated this themselves in a form they are willing to share with me? I have produced clips for the appropriate code but I don't know how to produce a time, datetime, pubdate nested series of tags that ask for the user to input the details and converts them to the form needed.

      Grateful for any advice.
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