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23524Re: [Clip] Re: Clip to execute file at cursor

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  • Axel Berger
    Dec 15, 2012
      david335577 wrote:
      > Axel Berger: My version is in my first post.

      And now I remember having seen it:
      > I have Notetab Pro 4.91/np (Full version) and cannot upgrade

      I empathize with you, I tend to being very upgrade averse myself, just
      kook at my OS. On the other hand the most active NT-users, those who
      give the bulk of the advice here, tend to keep up and have the current
      versions. I only began with version 5 and the older timers will all be
      forgetting previous particulars by now. So if you want help and advice
      here, your best bet is to grit your teeth and do all the edits necessary
      to adapt your old and proven clips to version 7. I accept it's a bore,
      but it'll help in the long run.

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