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23515Re: [Clip] Re: Clip to execute file at cursor

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  • loro
    Dec 12, 2012
      david wrote:
      >The problem is that it is difficult to write clip code to select a
      >quoted string containing spaces.
      >The best I have so far is this:
      >^!If ^$GetSelSize$ = 0 ^!Select FILENAME
      >^!shell "^$GetSelection$"

      You could use ^Find to search backwards to find the first quote
      (provided the cursor is between the quotes). Store the location of it
      in a variable with ^$GetRow$:^$GetCol$ . Then find the next quote.
      Place the cursor after it (for example with ^!Jump select_end ). Then
      use ^!SelectTo to select from that position to the position of the
      first quote you stored in a variable.

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