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23505Re: [Clip] How to make the clip?

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  • puusto13
    Dec 9 9:05 AM
      Hi Axel,

      --- In ntb-clips@yahoogroups.com, Axel Berger <Axel-Berger@...> wrote:
      > T L wrote:
      > > Here must be Shift-Enter (shoft line break), not only Enter
      > I don't quite understand. This sounds like "Microsoft-Word-Speak"
      > nothing you can achieve in an editor. Although, if you can explain,
      > you really want inserted there, i.e. which sequence of which bytes,
      > anything goes. As a non Word user I know things like that, "soft >line breaks" or whatever exist, but don't know what they mean.

      It is this ¬
      Enter is ¶
      If it is unpossible use in notetab clip so I can do it manually.

      > > Every line which begin Psalmi must begin number 1.
      > > And numbers after Psalmi does not include in original text(dot,point).
      > > It is Psalmi 1 but it must be Psalmi 1.

      > Those two are easy.

      > > Every line which begin 1. must move line Psalmi after the text in this line.
      > That's more involved. What you write is differnt from the example. I
      > take it you have
      > Psalmi 1 Title of psalm
      > 1. First verse
      > and want to get
      > 1. Psalmi 1. Title of psalm <byte sequence to be specified> First verse
      > Right? I'll have to think about that, its doable but not simple.


      > > I have set the line length in the editor longer about between 250-300 then it works ok
      > Do I take it, you do not want the individual verses broken into lines,
      > but rather as one long line each, that is then broken by the editor? If
      > so, my solution was the wrong one for you.

      > Please specify the points I'm unclear about and it can be done.

      > Axel

      Please if You like, You can use the first clip and make corrections and additions. So I can test it how it works me and tell more.

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