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23504Re: [Clip] How to make the clip?

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  • Axel Berger
    Dec 9, 2012
      T L wrote:
      > Here must be Shift-Enter (shoft line break), not only Enter

      I don't quite understand. This sounds like "Microsoft-Word-Speak" to me,
      nothing you can achieve in an editor. Although, if you can explain, what
      you really want inserted there, i.e. which sequence of which bytes,
      anything goes. As a non Word user I know things like that, "soft line
      breaks" or whatever exist, but don't know what they mean.

      > Every line which begin Psalmi must begin number 1.
      > And numbers after Psalmi does not include in original text(dot,point).
      > It is Psalmi 1 but it must be Psalmi 1.

      Those two are easy.

      > Every line which begin 1. must move line Psalmi after the text in this line.

      That's more involved. What you write is differnt from the example. I
      take it you have

      Psalmi 1 Title of psalm
      1. First verse

      and want to get

      1. Psalmi 1. Title of psalm <byte sequence to be specified> First verse

      Right? I'll have to think about that, its doable but not simple.

      > I have set the line length in the editor longer about between 250-300 then it works ok

      Do I take it, you do not want the individual verses broken into lines,
      but rather as one long line each, that is then broken by the editor? If
      so, my solution was the wrong one for you.

      Please specify the points I'm unclear about and it can be done.

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