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23497Re: Using GetFiles to find folders

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  • flo.gehrke
    Dec 8, 2012
      --- In ntb-clips@yahoogroups.com, "warner_hughes" <whug@...> wrote:
      > I have tried every combination I can think of to use ^$GetFiles()$
      > to make a list of folders, using the attr "D", per the Help file.

      There is no 'D' parameter to be used with ^$GetFiles$.

      I would propose to try two solutions:

      (1) Using ^$GetFiles$ (needs NT 7.0)

      ^!Set %Dirs%=^$GetFiles("+[Path]";nul)$
      ^!Set %Dirs%=^$StrReplace(""^%Space%"";";";"^%Dirs%";A)$
      ^!Set %Dirs%=^$StrReplace("nul";"";"^%Dirs%";A)$
      ;^!Set %Dirs%=^$StrSort("^%Dirs%";0;1;0)$
      ^!SetArray %projects%=^%Dirs%

      (2) Using ^$GetDosOutput$

      ^!SetArray %projects%=^$GetDosOutput(dir [Path]\*.* /A:D /B)$

      This certainly needs some fine-tuning -- but I hope it could serve as a first approach...


      P.S. #1 is based on some ideas in Jody's (R.I.P) DirStuff.CLB
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