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23493Using GetFiles to find folders

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  • warner_hughes
    Dec 8, 2012
      I have tried every combination I can think of to use ^$GetFiles()$ to make a list of folders, using the attr "D", per the Help file. Using other attributes I can find files perfectly, including finding files in the folders, but making a list of folder names escapes me.

      The second line of code (currently commented out) works fine, but the next line comes up with nothing. I've tried many ways to modify the 3rd line to come up with the folders only. What changes will make it work?

      ^!Set %webdir%="^$GetShellFolder(Personal)$My Webs"
      ;^!SetArray %projects%=^$GetFiles("+^%webdir%";*.htm?)$
      ^!SetArray %projects%=^$GetFiles("^%webdir%";;D)$

      My searches don't show anyone has had a problem with this. Can anyone help, please?
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