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23492Re: [Clip] How to make the clip?

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  • Axel Berger
    Dec 8, 2012
      puusto13 wrote:
      > Can somebody help me and make me the clip.

      This is not elegant and cobbled together from stuff in my clipbar. You
      should have set the line length in the editor to your preferred size
      before running it.
      Split lines gets rid of the space at the end of lines not ending
      paragraphs, which is usually the opposite of what I want. The next
      commands rectify it. The blank lines are needed to mark the difference
      between paragraph- and line-ends and can be got rid of in the end.

      ^!Replace "^(\d+)\. " >> "\n$1\. " WRASTI
      ^!Replace "^Psalmi (\d+)" >> "\nPsalmi $1" WRASTI
      ^!Select ALL
      ^!Menu Modify/Lines/Join Lines
      ^!Menu Modify/Lines/Split Lines
      ^!Replace "^P" >> " ^P" HASTI
      ^!Replace " ^P ^P" >> "^P^P" HASTI
      ^!Replace " +\R\R" >> "\n\n" HRASTI
      ^!Replace "^P^P" >> "^P" HASTI

      There are lots of far more elegant alternatives e.g. using ^$StrSplit()$

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