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23436Re: [Clip] Re: replace tokens on shorter line too

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  • Don
    Nov 19, 2012
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      >> I've used \x20 to make spaces more visible; also used Extended Mode to separate the subpatterns a bit.

      How did you learn all of this stuff ... geez! Extended mode is a new
      one to me. All proud to understand \K and now more ...

      Triggered with the (?x):
      In free-spacing mode, whitespace between regular expression tokens is
      ignored. Whitespace includes spaces, tabs and line breaks. Note that
      only whitespace between tokens is ignored. E.g. a b c is the same as abc
      in free-spacing mode, but \ d and \d are not the same. The former
      matches d, while the latter matches a digit. \d is a single regex token
      composed of a backslash and a "d". Breaking up the token with a space
      gives you an escaped space (which matches a space), and a literal "d".

      From RegEx Buddy help.
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