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23415Re: [Clip] Re: Simple filename and the date for Sunday

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  • Adrian Worsfold
    Nov 18, 2012
      Hello flo.gehrke

      Thank you but it doesn't work - enter 20121119 and it produces

      Next Sunday: 18991231

      which should be 20121125

      But the idea is to produce the very next Sunday.

      I'm a long long way behind your level, so I'm just trying at present to enter a length of time into a box so that the result is shown in a CD tracks list display as here:

      <Start 10: for 11:00 am start [:]>

      where the bit after 10: is the time left in rounded up minutes from the time entered that should display again within the [:] - in other words there is music that plays up to the first hymn the length of which decides when the bespoke CD starts to play towards stopping before the first hymn when the service begins.

      Example from Sunday 18th:

      Service 20121118

      Rosemary Arthur

      <Start 10:41 for 11:00 am start [19:00]>

      01 Name of the Rose Kyrie [02:24]
      02 Lord of the Rings Movement 1 [11:14]
      03 Name of the Rose Veni Sancte Spiritus [03:13]
      04 Taverner In Nomine [02:04]

      05 SF 062 Old 124th choir [02:47]
      06 HL 035 Vienna choir [03:07]

      07 Perlman Schindlers List Remembrances [05:16] <meditation>

      08 HL 125 Gerontius [01:59]

      09 Clyde McLennan We Bring to the Altar [01:09] <collection>

      10 HL 127 Woodlands choir tape [03:22]

      11 Pheloung Inspector Morse [02:11]
      12 Haydn Symphony 84 In Nomine Domini [24:28]
      13 Name of the Rose Suite [10:52]

      Adrian Worsfold

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